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The Carolina Classic Cloggers was founded years ago in Charlotte, NC by Cathey Franklin.  Our purpose is to continue and expand dancing opportunities for those who enjoy participating in or watching clogging.  We are a diverse group of individuals who have a passion for clogging, entertaining others and for perfecting a variety of clogging styles, steps and routines.  We have 10 dancers most of whom are over 50 and most of whom have had previous clogging experience and have participated with other clogging dance groups.


Our group is constantly evolving and growing and adding new routines and songs to an extensive repertoire.  This provides us with the flexibility to tailor our performances to different events, musical preferences, styles and seasons.   Performances can range from several numbers to an hour of toe tapping rhythm, percussion and syncopation.


We have a popular and separate holiday repertoire in November and December that features favorite holiday tunes.


The performances are great entertainment for general, social or specialized events that might include retirement communities, business meetings,  associations, church or social group meetings, parties and notable events such as on holidays or at weddings, anniversaries and birthdays (keep us in mind for those milestone events). Please contact us  (contact info is on the next page) to add sizzle to your next meeting, party or gathering.


We practice every week at the Tom Sykes Recreation Center in Charlotte.  The practice helps us to perfect entertaining and enjoyable performances for all to watch and hear. 


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